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How to Purchase a KFC Gift Card Online

Make your loved ones' meals even more enjoyable with a KFC gift card! Purchasing one online is easy and convenient, so you can give the perfect present to that special someone in just a few clicks. In this guide, we'll show you how to select and buy your KFC gift card safely.

Select the Gift Card Type.

Before you purchase a KFC gift card online, you'll need to choose which type of gift card you'd like to purchase. You can choose between an eGift card or physical gift card, the latter of which will be delivered to the recipient's door. Enter the amount you wish to put on the KFC gift card and press "Continue" to proceed with your order.

Pick your preferred KFC gift card option.

Once you're ready to make your purchase, the first step is to decide which KFC gift card option is best for you. You can choose from classic plastic cards, or digital codes instantly delivered via email or text. Additionally, if you need to order a bulk of cards and have them shipped, KFC also provides discounted options for that as well.

Enter the recipient's information.

With the card option picked out, you are now ready to enter your recipient's information in order to complete the purchase. You'll need their full name and a valid email address for them to receive their gift card. Be sure to double check all of the details you have provided before submitting your purchase as there is no way to change it after you have placed your order.

Finalize the order details.

Before you click the "Pay now" button, you'll need to review your order one more time, making sure that all of the information is correct. Check again your recipient's information and make sure that the value of the gift card is what you intended it to be. Lastly, look out for any added fees or conditions associated with this purchase, such as shipping and handling charges or expiration date limitations.

Checkout securely and print out or send the gift card digitally to the recipient.

Once you've double-checked your order, click the "Pay now" button to enter your payment and contact details. Depending on which option you select when purchasing your gift card, you can print out the KFC gift card or send it digitally to the recipient if you want them to receive it immediately. In either case, the recipient will be able to use their gift card for their next KFC purchase.


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