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HP Pay

HP Pay E-Gift Cards (Instant Vouchers)

HP Pay Gift Cards & Vouchers are a convenient & versatile way to manage your expenses?at Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL)?Merchants. With these Vouchers, you can easily add funds to your?HP Pay?wallet using the mobile app & use them for?petrol, diesel, lubes, & HP Gas, etc. at HPCL Petrol pumps &?HP?Gas distributorships, respectively. GyFTR offers great deals on HP Pay Gift Cards & Vouchers. HP Pay streamlines the payment process,?offers exciting rewards on your transactions, &?ens

Important Instructions :

Multiple vouchers can be used in one transaction

HP Pay Insta Gift Voucher (GV) / Gift Card (GC) and would be accepted on the HP Pay mobile Application.

Once the voucher gets added to the HP Pay wallet balance, it can be utilized till the balance gets exhausted.

How To Redeem ?


Select Add Voucher Option.


List of available vouchers mapped on the contact number will be displayed. Customer can click on add button to add the voucher balance to HP Pay Wallet.


Select Yes to top-up the voucher balance to HP Pay Wallet.


Your wallet is recharged successfully.