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Smile Foundation

Smile Foundation E-Gift Cards (Instant Vouchers)

Smile Foundation is a non-governmental organization (NGO) based in India that impacts over 15 lakh children and their families every year. The Smile Foundation works through a variety of programs and initiatives aimed at addressing the root causes of poverty and inequality. These programs include education, healthcare, livelihood, and women's empowerment. We invite you to join us in our mission & be a changemaker. GyFTR offers Smile Foundation Gift Cards in different denominations.

Important Instructions :

This is a ?Smile Foundation? Donation Voucher (DV) and CAN only be used at the website. The donation voucher will be sent to your registered email id or phone number.

This is a ONE time use Donation Voucher with an expiration date. The expiration period of the DV is 6 months after purchase and shall be considered redeemed if not used within 6 months.

For using multiple vouchers, customer will need to add the vouchers to your GV balance.

The Smile Foundation Donation Voucher (DV) balance can be used over multiple transactions as per any amount.

How To Redeem ?


Visit the website & Choose your donation amount.


Fill the form and Select Redeem Voucher option. Choose Partner: GyFTR


Login with mobile & Verify OTP. Add coupon if any, proceed to pay the amount. Choose the payment method, and add the details.