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Nykaa E-Gift Cards (Instant Vouchers)

Nykaa is a one stop shop for all cosmeholics. It has over 1,00,000 products & over 2000 brands to choose from. Gyftr offers Nykaa Gift Vouchers through which you can shop your heart right from the comfort of your home and save big bucks at the same time. If you?re a fashionista and want to be under the spotlight get going, browse homegrown, international popular, premium and luxury brands. Nykaa Gift Cards from Nykaa Gift Vouchers is a gateway to stay tuned with the latest beauty trends and rock

Important Instructions :

You can redeem only 1 Gift Card per order.

To redeem Multiple gift cards, please add the gift cards to the Nykaa Wallet.

Gift Vouchers CAN be used during Sale.

Gift Vouchers ACCEPTED at all Listed Outlets.

Gift Vouchers CAN be used Online.

How To Redeem ?


Go to and select the items you want to purchase.


Once you reach our payment page, select the Gift Card payment option. Enter your 16-digit Card Code and the corresponding Card PIN and click on apply. The Gift Card amount will be deducted from the payable amount.


To use multiple gift cards add them in your wallet.


Go to any Nykaa retail store and select the items you want to purchase.